HELPPIK - a lifesaver for your bathroom!

The problem of domestic blockages in the water dispenser in the bath facing everyone who washes his hands or taking a shower. We have developed and manufactured the original device for instant removal of household clogs in sinks without disassembling the trap. "Antizasorny magneto-mechanical superёrsh HELPPIK» -is a global innovation and mass production has just begun! Ruff Helppik removes any blind plugs original magneto-mechanical method in just 10 seconds!

The principle of operation HELPPIK both simple and at the same time quite original: Ruff smoothly inserted through one of the standard lattice washstand or the ladder, reaches the bottom of the siphon, and spinning. Thanks to a special one-way flexible incisions, flakes and special-paws grip on ruff body while rotating the entire wound and formed the obstruction for 10 seconds (on the similarity of "hair nuts"). Coiled a mat can be easily removed not slipping down. High performance neodymium magnets at the same time extract the clips, buttons, chips. Construction bystroochistnaya, reusable. As an option provides a convenient magnityaschiysya Schild-suspension. When used correctly HELPPIK will serve you for years to come! And pay for it himself for 1 application! One of the videos with a 2-minute demonstration you can see here: or by typing in a search engine "YouTube HELPIK". Reviews buyers left for .Prisoedinyaytes you! The prevailing relatively high retail prices for HELPPIK explained its 100% efficiency and a real practical benefit for the family budget, and low wholesale prices due to its actual production sebestoimost.Tak also have the opportunity to receive free or Helppik get a prize when you publish your video copyright type "How do I delete Helppikom blockage. "

Hurry to find wholesale prices! We sell to all of the 100 pieces! Make a request in a free form on

HELPPIK used as an alternative presented in retail standard spring wires, bulky pneumatic air valves or safety of chemical solvents, which are not always effective. As with regular use HELPPIK there is no need to regularly perform long at this very unpleasant procedure for self-disassembly-assembly clogged siphon unit or cause plumbing. Every homeowner is faced with the fact that for example in the bathroom or pedestal rakroviny siphons located so secretive and so uncomfortable, that is very problematic squeeze and quickly dismantle the siphon is not something that fragile woman, but even seasoned "rukastogo" man. You have to ring up forever engaged santehprofi. A tariff "husband for an hour" starts from 1000 rubles! Saving money on such events may be up to 6000 rubles a year for an apartment! It turns out that obstruction by elementary bytovooy stataistike Housing is the most common problem- both the number of calls to emergency crews, and the problems associated with leaks in the ceilings of neighbors living below you on the floor. Therefore, there are thousands of professional organizations are equipped with multi-million kanalopromyvochnymi units, and narrowly specializing in the liquidation of the consequences associated with the blockage of sewerage. And judging by the persistent television advertising in a variety of primetime "liquid plumber" is easy to guess that the chemical corporations have not sickly income from the presence of this chronic problem.

Let us ask ourselves: why is ineffective classic plunger (pumping-kvachik)? Because it seeks only to undermine and push lock of hair inside the water drain. As a general rule until the next bend of the pipe with a new burr.

Why it is usually necessary to endlessly go to the supermarket for "liquid plumber"? Because it is this acid dissolves only temporarily dull the hair grease tube. Sami hair does not corrode. Water in the early days somehow seeps through a low-fat, "a hair net", and then again it becomes clogged with fat, "dubeet". Again, shop, and a different name "liquid plumbing" ...

As they say all in deeds. And the GDP is growing ...

By buying 20-gram HELPPIK and bioaktivatory-chimney sweeps in our opinion easily and even environmental benefit can independently solve the chronic problem of blockages. At the same time spent actually funny money, and only a few seconds per year! Because our HELPPIK pulls over and pulls out a fat Koltun OUT in one fell swoop (2 fingers)!

Our specialists are constantly make purchases worldwide and test devices similar in meaning, but it is more easy, simple, fast and effective than our HELPPIK in global trading networks were found!

HELPPIK can easily and quickly take advantage of any such zhilets- not only a professional plumber, but also a housewife, retired. Ruff Helppik has an elegant design and it is not possible to get dirty or pinprick. Helppik packed in a presentable package with detailed instruktsiey.Na ruff housing as additionally applied instructions for use.

Our new product often buy and as literally "hilarious" Russian souvenir is not useless in any house of the world where it is assumed to wash in the shower or taking a bath. Noticed that Helppik especially good and popular in those houses where the girls live with dinnymi hair! Rada Helpik and pet lovers. According to responses of many housewives they rarely have recently obtained hold in your hands is not so expensive, but a practical thing. As a general rule, make a trial purchase HELPPIK and try it in practice - even housewives take neskolko- and his dacha, and a gift to their relatives. Since 2016, our project has taken into account the aspirations of the main segment of our "homing" and feel happy "burdened" apartments, villas, mansions buyers. Now ruff HELPPIK can be supplied complete with bioaktivatory (chimney sweeps, CROP, COMPOST) solving the problem of blockages environmentally friendly, in a complex and long-term.

Thus, the system is especially cleaning Helppik complete with bioaktivatory is fast, convenient and inexpensive bio-mechanically removing household rubbish accumulated for mass use by all categories of the population in all countries of the world!

We are particularly pleased as the developers that use Helppika brings environmental benefits. Recoverable HELPPIKom of domestic siphons mats no longer fall into the gorkollektora; toxic solvents are no longer flooded, and therefore the number of emergency flushing chemicals and the load on the wastewater treatment plant is reduced. The concept of mass application HELPPIKa as an alternative, environmentally friendly method is considered and approved by the Helsinki Committee for combating pollution of the Baltic Sea (HELCOM HELCOM); The Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation; Government of Moscow; State Unitary Enterprise "Vodokanal of St. Pb". There Diploma RUSSIAN INNOVATION CONTEST 2011 held by the magazine "Expert" and so forth.

However, it should be understood that the staff of these organizations takes more expertise and parting operations, and are unlikely to personally knock you in the house with recommendation for its clean and revitalize the garden area. Few people know, but in each ZhEKe a prominent place should hang, and the operating organization to explain to tenants "Rules and regulations of the housing stock of technical operation of" approved 27.09.03 Gosstroy of the Russian Federation. They are in particular regulated by the duty of tenants "... to produce at least 2 times a year preventive cleaning house sewerage ruff, flexible shafts or special devices." On cleaning chemicals such as "Liquid Plumber" is not mentioned. Moreover, the legislative ban on the use of acidic chemicals, there are current "Rules of municipal water supply and sewerage systems in the Russian Federation" where p. 63 expressly stated ban on discharge of harmful substances and establishes responsibility, control over the discharge quality and so on. In many countries of the world set type "liquid plumbing." For example in France, a strictly prescribed process wastewater specialized bioaktivatory. In Japan, in addition to a number of prefectures in the each household drains an electronic analyzer retaining the appearance of not regulated waste.

(See article on good practices to minimize household waste;.; participate in our new project "Eternal light" information is given at the end of this article)

Cleanliness and safety of the world depends on us with you. Let a little, just a little bit, but that each one of us. Each battery is dealt by you recycle one is not flooded into the sewer bottle of "liquid plumbing" - a contribution to the preservation of the health of the planet. (The site GREENPEACE RUSSIA-exist online map of your nearest recycling any waste). We believe that the idea of ??revival of the land with the help of the newest biotechnologies noble, worthy of respect, attention and speedy implementation in practice.

(See article on ekozemledeliyu-;.

Time is not waiting! From words to deeds-! What can be a better alternative to the idea of Earth into a blooming garden? In 2016 we established a practical industrial cooperation with leading domestic and foreign microbiological laboratories. Terms of reference formulated by our experts has created a joint and unique performance multi-purpose product- "bioaktivatory-chimney sweeps." Dry 20-gram specially selected composition of soil microorganisms is poured into the previously cleaned ruff Helppikom siphons. Colonies model, the "right" bacteria begins slowly and gradually grow on the walls of sewer, septic loosening and recycling deposits on its way, expelling pathogens. A runoff nasyshennye bioaktivatory become thus and biorekultivatorami soil, compost accelerators. We believe that this process of transformation of their homes from a source of pollution to the environment, in a mini-station biovodoochistki developments and black soil should oprobyvat each staunch supporter of environmental sustainability. After all, their activities, we must strengthen, not undermine and erode the future potential of the Earth to live on it for future generations. And just to mention the opportunity to think not cut the branch on which we sit! Bioaktivatory-chimney sweeps (and bioaktivatory-CROP; bioaktivatory-compost) comes in convenient sealed aluminum sachets of 20 grams. (. Podprobnosti ekometoda bioactivation and on the acquisition of see-APPLICATION GUIDELINES Section 4.4) makes a request for wholesale:

Ruff HELPPIK is a world novelty for speed, simplicity and efficiency of the removal of blockages, ecology. The device has a minimalist elegant design combined with modern plumbing, as well as low weight and volume. Thanks to the original suspension magnityaschimusya HELPPIK quickly and easily possible to fix such anywhere in the bathroom (optional). In nastoyatsee time antizasornogo ruff HELPPIK design accepted for consideration on record in the Guinness Book of Records (application reg. № 12.722) as the most easy in the world of a device for the removal of household blockages.

The design is protected by RF patent HELPPIK number 94179.

The composition and method bioaktivatory (chimney sweeps, CROP, COMPOST) has numerous domestic and international awards competitions environmental innovation.

The product "Antizasorny magneto-mechanical superёrsh Helppik" has an ergonomic size of 38 cm long and 5 mm in diameter. Weight 25 grams. It comes in a cardboard box with detailed instructions and a bar code applied. It is possible to place in the departments of trade, "household goods", "tools", "plumbing"; "D.I.Y"; "Cashier area." Active low gross constantly purchasing this product as well private prodavtsy- demonstrators in trains, owners of places in the markets, stalls, tents; lovers to trade in social networks and forums through joint purchases. Some heads of firms to centrally procure HELPPIK a comprehensive set of "Happy gardener" (directly and ruff HELPIK bioaktivatory (chimney sweeps; COMPOST; CROP) for its employees for the holidays.

Of particular interest is the Original product for online retailers unusual things. When bulk orders 2% Helppikov applied free of charge; applied sample bioaktivatory-chimney sweeps; attached demo disc with commercials; paper promotional materials; branded pens.

Minimum Order Quantity party directly ruff HELPPIK from 100 pieces

(In this case, the chimney sweep bioaktivatory (bioaktivatory-CROP; bioaktivatory-compost) is available in any quantity).

Tekschie wholesale prices specify by writing free-form application to our e-mail

HELPPIK supply to all categories of customers with any form of payment: FE, individuals, Ltd. and others.

The estimated capacity of the Russian market only antizasornyh ruffs Helppik 50 million units per year.

The need for the European market is not less than 100 million units per year.

Summarizing summarize - HELPPIK  incredibly useful thing and it should be in every home!

Welcome to cooperate on the project HELPPIK specialized municipal and commercial organizations, private entrepreneurs, and Internet commerce, the organizers of joint purchases!

New project "Eternal light"! It saves money, health, natural resources!

Attention to all our loyal customers! If you practice oprobyvat and made in 100% efficiency of our original razrabotki- HELPPIKE ruff and you have a need for at least useful, not expensive and 100% effective things the environmental focus:

Participate in our new project "Eternal light"! US END "LIGHT" will not be!

Since 2014, our company has developed successfully experienced, and from 2016 started producing new products superpoleznogo really necessary in each house has a straightforward where lighting. Miniatyuronoe device extending the life of household lamps (from 25 to 100 watts). Reference: ILS-BL-100 ( "Eternal light"). The device has the shape of the cylinder of ceramic - Dimensions of all f25H50 mm Weight 40 grams; Disabled 2 heat-resistant wires to the terminals. Easily mounted in the ceiling (or wall lamp) posledovatlno in phase power to the circuit to the existing lamp naklivaniya, galogenki, energy-saving lamps. Especially recommended for the "classic" and galogenok. All over the world, users noticed that in recent years the classic bulbs "Ilyich" work "for some reason" and "just something" for 2-4 months! And it happens by the fact that manufacturers -monopolisty (and this is a long established judicial) in the tube mills intentionally understate the quality of spiral, use a tungsten filament with impurities, reduce the number of holders of a tungsten filament, very thinly glued compound body reduces the cross section of the connecting conductors to the tungsten filament not completely pumped out of the vacuum flask ... to resort to other tricks in the name of sales. Besides the task to encourage the purchasing of expensive svetodiodnikov. Expert found that the most important corporations trick lies in the fact that even at 220 volts spiral still running (lamp stands the test when you buy in the store), and with an acceptable increase of up to 240 volts at night intentionally refined (without tolerance in the black) tungsten filament is no longer stands and burns. If you notice such a "flash" usually takes place at night.

It is known that in the early 20th century, the lamp has been made on the conscience that with a tolerance of "plus". Some shine on this day!

Q: "And what does the 21st century engineers no longer know their duties? Answer:!. -No, But they already command a brilliant marketers !!"

As a result, billions of light are in the dumps. But GDP is growing. And you and I are forced dozens of times a year to get on a ladder and change "for the new" only vaguely knowing what was going on.

Since the company "Tehenergosintez" including electrical professionals have (and are the same tired over the years to balance on ladders in their cottages) - then we assume that we by cerebral Stuhr, meticulous calculations, reliable technology, and with the question of safety lamps for yourself handled personally . Now let save everything on the "light"! Applying ILS-BL "eternal light" you will save on call "husband for an hour" on lamps than one thousand rubles in five years, a lot of time and nerves!

The principle of operation of our small device based on the fact that the ballast element connected in series to the lamp circuit contained in the assembly selects 10-15 volts ie up to 10% power. So now in dangerous races in the mains voltage from 220 to 240 volts at the bulb of a protected will no longer have a safe 210-215 volts. Such standing somewhat understated by the nominal value of 220 at times need to extend the life of the tungsten filament incandescent lamps in galogenki, and even LEDs.

Our device does not use popular with electricians ZhEKovskih diode connection method that causes flicker.

It is much cheaper and more reliable expensive dimmers and soft starters.

Thus acquiring not expensive device ILS-BL "eternal light" and only a 3-5 minute elementary connecting 2 terminal you pick up the life of household lamps from months to years. Get rid of the nature of glass and metal. Especially recommended ILS-BL for fans of "classics." After all, "Ilyichevsk" galogenki incandescent and emit light in a wide range close to the sun, and the new-fangled "LED" and "daylight" in the narrow diapazone- their trumpeting of the dangers for all forums. And as for the disposal of "LED" and "rtutnikov" better not to remember. Take his short sight, the family budget and the nature ...

Ask questions! Make a request for wholesale: Tool life extension of household lamps "eternal light" on

финский язык:

Venäjällä keksittiin tehokkain mini-työkalu esteiden poistamiseksi välittömästi. Magneto-mekaaninen superhero HELPPIK painaa vain 10 grammaa! Turbo-magneettisen erottelun periaate aktivoi ja erottaa umpikujaisen pistokkeen vain 10 sekunnissa.

Tuhannet venäläiset - jo omistaa HELPPIKom - vesijohtoverkon haaste, kaapeleiden ja kemikaalien hankkiminen ovat muuttuneet merkityksettöminä. Vieressä onnellista elämää ilman tukoksia ja muualla maailmassa!

Tarvitsemme tukkukauppiaita myytäväksi Suomessa ja EU: ssa!


французский язык:

En Russie, le mini-outil le plus efficace pour l'élimination instantanée des obstructions a été inventé. Le super-héros magnéto-mécanique HELPPIK ne pèse que 10 grammes! Agit sur le principe de la séparation turbo-magnétique et extrait une chevelure sourde du siphon sans démontage en seulement 10 secondes.

Pour des milliers de Russes - qui possèdent déjà HELPPIKom - le défi de la plomberie, l'achat de câbles et de produits chimiques est devenu inutile. À côté de la vie heureuse sans blocages et le reste du monde!

Des partenaires pour la vente en gros sont requis!

Немецкий язык: 

 Russland wurde das effektivste Miniwerkzeug zur sofortigen Entfernung von Hindernissen erfunden. Der magnetomechanische Superheld HELPPIK wiegt nur 10 Gramm! Wirkt auf das Prinzip der turbomagnetischen Trennung und entnimmt in nur 10 Sekunden ohne Demontage einen tauben Haarstopfen aus dem Siphon.

Für Tausende von Russen - die bereits HELPPIKom besitzen - ist die Herausforderung der Installation von Kabeln und Chemikalien unerheblich. Neben dem glücklichen Leben ohne Blockaden und dem Rest der Welt!

Partner für den Großhandel sind erforderlich!


Португальский язык :

Na Rússia, a mini-ferramenta mais eficaz para remoção instantânea de obstruções foi inventada. O super-herói magneto-mecânico HELPPIK pesa apenas 10 gramas! Atua com base no princípio da separação turbo-magnética e extrai uma ficha de cabelo surdo do sifão sem desmontagem em apenas 10 segundos.

Para milhares de russos - já possuidores da HELPPIKom - o desafio do encanamento, a compra de cabos e produtos químicos tornou-se irrelevante. Ao lado da vida feliz sem bloqueios e do resto do mundo!

Parceiros para atacado são necessários!



Малайский язык :

Di Rusia, mini alat yang paling berkesan untuk penyingkiran segera penghalang dicipta. Superhero magneto-mekanikal HELPPIK seberat hanya 10 gram! Bertindak pada prinsip pemisahan turbo-magnetik dan mengeluarkan palam rambut pekak dari siphon tanpa pemasangan dalam hanya 10 saat.

Beribu-ribu orang Rusia - sudah memiliki HELPPIKom - cabaran paip, pembelian kabel dan bahan kimia menjadi tidak relevan. Di sebelah kehidupan gembira tanpa penyumbat dan seluruh dunia!

Rakan kongsi untuk borong diperlukan!


Македонский язык:

Во Русија, беше измислен најефективниот мини-инструмент за брзо отстранување на опструкции. Магнето-механичкиот суперхерој HELPPIK тежи само 10 грама! Дејствува на принципот на турбо-магнетна сепарација и извлекува глув коса приклучок од сифонот без расклопување за само 10 секунди. За илјадници Руси - веќе сопственик на HELPPIK - водовод повик, набавка на кабли и хемикалии не станаа релевантни. До среќниот живот без блокади и остатокот од светот! Потребни се партнери за големопродажба!

Польский язык:

W Rosji wymy?lono najskuteczniejsze mini narz?dzie do natychmiastowego usuwania przeszkód. Magnetyczno-mechaniczny superbohater HELPPIK wa?y tylko 10 gramów! Dzia?a na zasadzie separacji turbo-magnetycznej i wyci?ga g?uchy korek do w?osów z syfonu bez demonta?u w ci?gu zaledwie 10 sekund. Dla tysi?cy Rosjan - ju? posiadaj?cych HELPPIK - wezwanie hydrauliczne, zakup kabli i chemikaliów sta? si? nieistotny. Obok szcz??liwego ?ycia bez blokad i reszty ?wiata! Partnerzy do handlu hurtowego s? zobowi?zani!

Шотландский язык: 

Anns an Ruis, chaidh an inneal beag as èifeachdaiche airson briseadh a-mach sa bhad a chruthachadh. Chan eil an superhero magneto-meicnigeach HELPPIK a 'cuimseachadh ach 10 gram! Achdan a thaobh prionnsapal sgaradh turbo-magnetic agus earrannan de pholl feann bodhar bhon siphon gun a bhith a 'gluasad às ann an dìreach 10 diog. Do mhìltean de luchd-Ruis - a bha aig an robh CUIDEACHAS mar-thà - gairm plumaireachd, cha do cheannaich càbaill agus ceimigean buntainneach. A-rithist ris an t-saoghal sona gun stad agus an còrr den t-saoghal! Feumar com-pàirtichean airson reic mòr!

Ирландский язык:

Sa Rúis, cruthaíodh an mion-uirlis is éifeachtaí chun bacainní a bhaint láithreach. Ní meáchan ach 10 gram an Superhero Magneto-Meicniúil! Na hAchtanna maidir le prionsabal na scaradh turbo-mhaighnéadach agus cuireann sé breiseán gruaige bodhar ón siphon gan díchoscadh i díreach 10 soicind. I gcás na mílte Rúiseach - bhí HELPPIK cheana féin - glao pluiméireachta, ní raibh ceannach cáblaí agus ceimiceáin ábhartha. In aice leis an saol sona gan bac agus an chuid eile den domhan!

Tá comhpháirtithe le haghaidh mórdhíola ag teastáil!

Датский язык: 

I Rusland blev det mest effektive mini-værktøj til øjeblikkelig fjernelse af hindringer opfundet. Den magneto-mekaniske superhelt HELPPIK vejer kun 10 gram! Handler om princippet om turbo-magnetisk adskillelse og ekstraherer et døvhovedpropp fra sifonen uden demontering på bare 10 sekunder. For tusinder af russere - der allerede ejes HELPPIK - et VVS-opkald, blev køb af kabler og kemikalier ikke relevant. Ved siden af det lykkelige liv uden blokeringer og resten af verden!

Partnere til engros er påkrævet!

Шведский язык: 

I Ryssland uppfanns det mest effektiva miniverktyget för omedelbar borttagning av hinder. Den magneto-mekaniska superhjälpen HELPPIK väger bara 10 gram! Agerar på principen om turbo-magnetisk separation och extraherar en döv hårplugg från sifonen utan demontering på bara 10 sekunder. För tusentals ryssar - som redan äger HELPPIK - ett VVS-samtal, blev inköp av kablar och kemikalier inte relevant. Bredvid det glada livet utan blockeringar och resten av världen! Partnern för partihandel krävs!

Итальянский язык:

 In Russia è stato inventato il mini-attrezzo più efficace per la rimozione istantanea di ostacoli. Il supereroe magneto-meccanico HELPPIK pesa solo 10 grammi! Agisce secondo il principio della separazione turbo-magnetica ed estrae una presa per capelli sordi dal sifone senza smontaggio in soli 10 secondi. Per migliaia di russi - già proprietari di HELPPIK - una richiesta di impianti idraulici, l'acquisto di cavi e prodotti chimici non è diventato rilevante. Accanto alla vita felice senza blocchi e il resto del mondo! I partner per il commercio all'ingrosso sono obbligatori!


Таджикский язык:

Дар Русия, минералии самаранок барои бартарафсозии монеа?ои фавр? ихтироъ шуд. Хелоппик магнологияи механик? тан?о 10 грамм вазн дорад! Аъмол бо принсипи фарбе?ии фарбе?и магнит? ва як шиша м?й аз суфра бе танзими он дар 10 сония. Барои ?азор?о нафар рус?о - аллакай со?иби HELPPIK - занг?ои к??на, хариди кабел?о ва химия?о а?амият надоштанд. Next to life happiness without blockages and the rest of the world!

Шарикон барои фурўхтан зарур аст!

Киргизский язык: 

Россияда, тыгындар менен тез чыгаруу ?ч?н натыйжалуу miniinstrument ойлоп тапкан. Magneto-механикалык superorsh HELPPIK гана 10 грамм болгон! Бул Т?г??ч? т?т?к тартып турбо-магниттик б?л?? жана бош с?з?лг?н чачын негизинде 10 секунданын ичинде бириндет?? эле иштейт. Буга чейин Rossiyan- HELPPIK- кыйынга суу т?т?кт?р? ээ Атамзамандан бери кабелдерин жана химиялык тиешел?? эмес, болуп сатып. Тыгындар жок бактылуу жашоо ?ч?н кийинки кадам жана д?йн?н?н калган! Чекене сатуу боюнча Wanted ?н?кт?шт?р!

Узбекский язык:

Rossiyada to'siqlarni tezda bartaraf etish uchun eng samarali mini-vosita ixtiro qilindi. Magnit-mexanik super qahramon HELPPIK faqat 10 gramm og'irlikda! Turbo-magnit ajratish printsipi bo'yicha ishlaydi va siphondan kar nozik tolalarni faqat 10 sekund ichida demontajsiz chiqaradi. Minglab ruslar uchun - allaqachon HELPPIKga ega bo'lgan - sanitariya chaqiruvi, kabellarni va kimyoviy moddalarni sotib olish ahamiyatga ega emas edi. Bo'shashgan hayotning chekkisiz va dunyoning qolgan qismida! Hamkorlar ulgurji savdoga muhtoj!

Турецкий язык:

Rusya'da engellerin an?nda ortadan kald?r?lmas? için en etkili mini araç ke?fedildi. Manyeto-mekanik süper kahraman HELPPIK'in a??rl??? sadece 10 gram! Turbo-manyetik ay?rma ilkesine göre hareket eder ve sifondan sadece 10 saniye içinde sökülmeden sa??r saç telini ç?kar?r. Binlerce Rus için - zaten HELPPIK'e sahip - bir s?hhi tesisat ça?r?s?, kablolar?n ve kimyasallar?n al?m? önemsiz hale geldi. T?kan?kl?k olmadan ve dünyan?n geri kalan?nda mutlu hayat?n yan?nda! Toptanc?lar için ortaklar gerekli! 

Венгерский язык:

Oroszországban a leghatékonyabb mini eszközt találták az akadályok azonnali eltávolítására. A magneto-mechanikus szuperh?s HELPPIK mindössze 10 grammot nyom! A turbó-mágneses elválasztás elve alapján cselekszik, és a szifonból egy süket szalagdugaszt kivonja szétszerelés nélkül mindössze 10 másodpercen belül. Az ezres oroszok ezreinek - akik már rendelkezésükre bocsátották a HELPPIK-t - egy vízvezetékbeszélgetést, a kábelek és a vegyi anyagok megvásárlása nem volt releváns. A boldog élet melletti blokkolások és a világ többi része mellett! Partnereink nagykereskedelemre van szükség!


Зулу язык:

E-Russia, ithuluzi elincane kakhulu eliphumelelayo lokususwa okusheshayo kwe-blockages lasungulwa. I-magnesi-mechanical superhero HELPPIK inzima amagremu angu-10 kuphela! Izenzo ngesimiso sokuhlukaniswa kwe-turbo-magnetic futhi kukhishwa ipulaki yezintwi ezithulule kusuka ku-siphon ngaphandle kokuhlakaza ngemizuzwana engu-10 kuphela. Ngezinkulungwane zamaRussia - esivele ephethe i-HELPPIK - ucingo lwamapayipi, ukuthengwa kwezintambo namakhemikhali akuzange kusebenze. Eceleni kokuphila okujabulisayo ngaphandle kwama-blockages nakuwo wonke umhlaba! Abalingani be-wholesale badingeka!

Литовский язык:

Rusijoje buvo išrastas efektyviausias miniati?rinis ?rankis, skirtas greitai pašalinti kli?tis. Magnetomechaninis superherojus HELPPIK sveria tik 10 gram?! Veikia d?l turbomagnetinio atskyrimo principo ir išskiria iš sifono kurt?j? plauk? kištuk? be išmontavimo tik 10 sekund?i?. T?kstan?iai rus? - jau turintiems HELPPIK - vandentiekio skambu?ius, kabeli? ir chemini? med?iag? ?sigijimas tapo nereikšmingas. Šalia laimingo gyvenimo be kli??i? ir likusio pasaulio!Reikalingi didmenin?s prekybos partneriai!



Нидерландский язык:

In Rusland werd de meest effectieve miniatuurtool voor het onmiddellijk verwijderen van blokkades uitgevonden. De magneto-mechanische superheld HELPPIK weegt slechts 10 gram! Werkt op het principe van turbo-magnetische scheiding en haalt een dovenhaar uit de sifon zonder demontage in slechts 10 seconden. Voor duizenden Russen - die al HELPPIK bezitten - een loodgietersroep, werd de aankoop van kabels en chemicaliën niet relevant. Naast het gelukkige leven zonder blokkades en de rest van de wereld! Partners voor de groothandel zijn verplicht!


Venäjällä keksittiin tehokkain mini-työkalu esteiden poistamiseksi välittömästi. Magneto-mekaaninen superhero HELPPIK painaa vain 10 grammaa! Turbo-magneettisen erottelun periaate aktivoi ja erottaa umpikujaisen pistokkeen vain 10 sekunnissa.
Tuhannet venäläiset - jo omistaa HELPPIKom - vesijohtoverkon haaste, kaapeleiden ja kemikaalien hankkiminen ovat muuttuneet merkityksettöminä. Vieressä onnellista elämää ilman tukoksia ja muualla maailmassa!
Tarvitsemme tukkukauppiaita myytäväksi Suomessa ja EU: ssa!



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